Get a taste of what to expect at the ESRA Congress. View the videos below!

How has ESRA impacted your career?

Brian Kinirons shares how ESRA has had a positive impact on him professionally and on his wider community.

All about technology

Jose Aguirre sees evolution in pharmacology, technology and in the ESRA Congress!

Moving to individualised care

Marc Van der Velde shares his predictions on the future of RA.

Attending ESRA has changed my life

Clara Lobo has never missed a meeting!

Focus on simulation

Brian Kinirons discussed how simulation is becoming a bigger part in curriculums.

A taste of ESRA

Join us in Bilbao for an unforgettable scientific experience!

The EDRA exam

Jose Aguirre on the EDRA exam, the diploma to certify your knowledge on regional anaesthesia.

The EDPM exam

The EDPM is a diploma to certifies you to be a chronic pain specialist. Hear more about this diploma from Jose Aguirre.