Scientific Highlights from 2018

ESRA 2018 Programme Highlights

  • Pro Con Debate 08: Spine mediated pain. To medial branch lesion or not!…
    PRO: S. Eldabe (UK), CON: J. De Andres (Spain)
  • Ask The Expert 01: Lumbar spinal stenosis: therapeutic options review – P. Staats (USA)
  • Problem-Based Learning Discussion 7: How to manage a Difficult Airway Patient after RA failure – E. Moka (Greece)
  • Live demonstrations 9: Blocks for foot and ankle surgery: popliteal and rescue at the ankle level – A. Delbos (France)
  • Tips and tricks 11:  Regional anaesthesia in recovery – rescue blocks  – H. Frizelle (Ireland)
  • Refresher Knowledge 24: What can regional anaesthesia tell us about the brain? –J. Aguirre (Switzerland)