Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Make sure to submit your abstract by the extended deadline 1 May, and get the chance to present at the TOP platform for regional anaesthesia and pain therapy professionals!

Clara Lobo

“Clearly stating what’s your main focus and what methodology was used.”

Brian Kinirons

“I think the big message for submissions is don’t hesitate. Don’t be intimidated. Send in the abstract.”

Jens Neimann

“Let’s say it looks like we are onto something. I would like to go further with that. So that’s a very good way to get an abstract accepted in ESRA.”

Jose Aguirre

“We have to know what was the primary outcome, what you really looked at and then how you measure it.”

Marc Van de Velde

“If you clarify very well why the research is so important, that is already 90% of the battle won.”