Scientific Highlights

Scientific Highlights

Expereince at ESRA various learning opportunities, presented in different session types, all dedicated to help improve your practice

At the ESRA Congress, we aim to provide you with various learning opportunities, presented in different session types, this to help improve your practice. Below is just a few of the many sessions on offer at ESRA 2019. For Online Registration: click here

Wednesday 11 September 2019

PRO-CON DEBATE – Diagnostic blocks in chronic pain

  • PRO: H.C. Rebelo (Portugal)
  • CON: L. Sang-Hoon (South Korea)

SECOND OPINION BASED DISCUSSION – The shift towards plane blocks: just an adjustment to modern – minimal surgeries 

  • Anatomy behind: B. Moriggl (Austria)
  • Technical rationale description:  U. Eichenberger (Switzerland)
  • 2nd opinion: GA. McLeod (UK)
  • Clinical relevance & consensus statement: P. Peng (Canada)

Thursday 12 September 2019

NETWORKING SESSION – Pelvic Pain. Are you sure everything is clear? Answering your questions

Role of Ilioinguinal, Iliohypogastric and Genitofemoral nerves in pelvic and perineal pain syndromes – P. Peng (Canada)

  • Gluteal pain and Piriformis syndrome – A. Krol (UK)
  • Pudendal neuralgia- J. De Andres (Spain)
  • The hip as source of conflict. Defining its role in pelvic referred pain – I.Iriarte Posee (Spain)

LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS All blocks you need to know for successful practice (not only for an examination….) in one go (lower limbs: femoral nerve, femoral triangle, adductor canal, proximal sciatic, popliteal, ankle block)

Demonstrators: E. Albrecht (Switzerland) and  K. Vermeylen (Belgium)

Friday 13 September 2019

 SECOND OPINION BASED DISCUSSION – Fascial blocks: it is necessary to define their usefulness, how they work and their limitations

  • Anatomy: M. Szarko (UK)
  • Block description: K. Jinn Chin (Canada)
  • 2nd opinion: K. Vermeylen (Belgium)
  • Clinical relevance & consensus statement: A. Pawa (UK)

ASK THE EXPERT – Foot surgery: more and more distal

  • A. Delbos (France)

Saturday 14 September 2019

REFRESHING YOUR KNOWLEDGE – Cancer pain treatment – improving quality of life through RA options: a review 

  • G. Votta-Velis (USA)

PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING DISCUSSION  My Patient with BMI 50 request Regional anaesthesia

  • W. Urmey (USA)